Our Services Take You From Concept to Completion

We come to your site and, with your input, assess how our plants can most effectively complement your space.  We take into consideration light availability, temperature, physical parameters and dimensions, as well as your desired “image and personality.”  Next, we discuss your ideas, note your requests and offer our suggestions. A budget is determined and we prepare a design to meet your particular needs. Materials are carefully selected, ordered and installed.  It’s that easy!

Foliage Company services go from concept to completionPart of our job is to educate our clients about the many benefits of plants. In addition to providing attractive visual appeal, plants serve other functional purposes, including:

  • Highlighting an attractive view or architectural feature
  • Softening and screening unsightly views or features
  • Providing the “hint” of privacy, both visual and auditory
  • Directing pedestrian traffic/flow
  • Purifying the air

Plantscape Design

Foliage Company services are flexible to meet your needsWe work closely with you to produce a unique project. There are many ways our strategically placed plants and decorative containers can enhance the architectural intrigue and ambiance of your site. The harmonious blend of the right plant with the appropriate decorative container is the perfect complement to your home or company image.