Interior Design with Plants Creates a Favorable Impression

the Foliage Company does interior design with plantsThe Foliage Company specializes in interior plantscapes using living plants. Like landscaping for your yard, this type of interior design is a planned strategic arrangement for your home or office. For over thirty-five years we have skillfully used plants to enhance any interior space. Over this time we have developed an organization dedicated to superior horticultural services.

The Foliage Company 

We create plantscapes with a distinctive visual appeal. Beautiful surroundings are created with lush green foliage and colorful flowers to provide peaceful, serene areas in our sometimes harsh and busy lives. Whether at home or at work, living plants create a pleasant and healthy atmosphere. We can affordably design, install and maintain the plantscapes. Our experienced team of professionals will deliver a dynamic, captivating atmosphere which suits your needs and accommodates your budget.

What could be more “green” than living plants? We look forward to making an appointment with you at your earliest convenience. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Let our team help you create a favorable first impression with plants – an investment that grows. Contact us today.

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